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About A.J. Beech

Pastor A. J. Beech is the Pastor of The Greater Anointing Harvest Church located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Pastor Beech has been saved from a life of the streets. He accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his savoir in the year of 1991 and was converted. He was called to Pastor three years later and has now been pastoring for over twenty-one years by God’s grace.

He has a strong passion for feeding and clothing the poor as well as building homes. He supports many orphanages and schools that have touched the world.

Pastor Beech is an Author, Movie Executive Producer, Entrepreneur Business man, Song Writer and an Actor. He has appeared and preached on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) as well as The Word Network. He has traveled from the West Indies, to Africa back to the United States on many occasions.

He is an intercessor and a strong believer in the power of prayer and emphasizes in prayer daily.

Pastor Beech is a committed and loving husband to his beautiful wife of 24 years, Lady Christine Beech he is a devoted father to their four children, Nyiesha, Taychon, Rachel and Elijah, and a grandfather to three adorable granddaughters.

Pastor Beech desire is to continue to walk humbly before the Lord.


"Who wouldn't serve a God Like This"



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Follow A.J. Beech

May 2019
A.J. Beech’s New Single, “Beauty For Ashes” is now available!

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